Message from the chairman

Hiroshi Komiyama,Chairman HPTCJ

Since the earthquake, tsunami, and ensuing nuclear power plant accident in 2011, Japan has been experiencing a serious electric power generation issue. Today, the outlook for the nation’s electric power supply remains unclear, and this situation continues to generate a strong sense of need to find more efficient ways of using energy. At the same time, from the medium- to long-term perspective, reducing energy security risks and attenuating global warming also remains as issues of great priority. Now more than ever, thorough energy conservation efforts will be essential as a way of overcoming these grave issues.

I believe that Japan has to draw on its technological prowess in addressing these issues and developing effective solutions, while not impairing the comfort of modern life. Japan can do this, through ongoing technical improvements and the wider use of its state-of-the-art technologies, and believe that heat pump and thermal storage system technology provides a good example of this – a key to success, so to speak.

Emerging nations now face the same problems that Japan has faced as they continue their economic growth and expand their energy consumption. Japan should establish and advanced, energy-efficient societal model – a successful model that will help other countries overcome the obstacles posed by the aforementioned issues. I think that is precisely the kind of contribution expected of Japan. It is also my vision of the “Platinum Society”

With that in mind, let me emphasize the high efficiency of the heat pump and thermal storage system technology. It is a system capable of lowering power use during the peak hours, and it can save energy and reduce CO2 emission simultaneously. Today such systems care installed in over 30,000 establishments across Japan, and this has an effect as much as 1.9 million kW in peak demand shifting during the peak hours. I believe that heat pump and thermal storage system technology will be developed and enhanced further and used much more widely in the future. It will help to stabilize energy demand and energy costs, and it will advance Japan as a leading country in the search to solve the world’s energy problems.