International Exchanges (about heatpumps and thermal storage systems)

International exchanges regarding heat pumps and thermal storage systems, with the aim of promoting the wider use of those systems abroad.

International collaborative research and  development based on the IEA Implementing Agreements

  • As the Japan's representative organization for the IEA (International Energy Agency), we participate in the international collaborative research & development programs on heat pumps and thermal storage under the framework of the IEA Implementing agreements.

International collaborative research based on the IEA Implementing Agreement on Heat Pump Technologies

Annex-35 "Application of Industrial Heat Pumps"
The objective of the Annex is to reduce the use of energy and emissions of greenhouse gas emissions by having increased application of heat pumps in industry.
Annex-39 "A common method for testing and rating of residential HP and AC annual/seasonal performance"

In this Annex, the following will be developed:
1) Common calculation methods for SPF using a generalized and transparent approach, based on lab measured data.
2) Establish comprehensive test methods based on further development of existing test standards. The test standards should include test conditions needed for the future SPF calculations.
3) A method to evaluate additional heat pump performance, e.g. Carbon Footprint, Primary Energy Saving or Energy Savings.

Annex-40 "Heat pump concepts for near zero-energy buildings"

1) Optimisation of concepts for buildings in order to reach Nearly Zero Energy consumption applying heat pumps as core component of the building technology
2) Evaluation of building- and system integration options favorable for the application in Nearly Zero Energy Buildings
3) Requirements for further developments of current marketable heat pumps to exploit specific performance opportunities in Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (e.g. multi-source ability, capacity range, capacity control, temperature lift)

Annex-41 "Cold Climate Heat Pumps (Improving low ambient temperature performance of Air-Source Heat Pumps)"

Identify technology solutions  leading to successful (efficient & reliable) systems/equipment for residential and small commercial buildings in cold climate locations with primary focus on air-source heat pumps.

International collaborative research based on the IEA Implementing Agreement on Energy Conservation through Energy Storage.

Annex-24 "Compact Thermal Energy Storage: Material Development for System Integration"
To develop thermal storage materials that would be applicable to solar heat utilization cooling of buildings, co-generation, waste heat utilization and district heating and cooling.
Annex-25 "Surplus Heat Management using Advanced TES for CO2 mitigation"
The general objective of this Annex is to identify and demonstrate cost-effective strategies for surplus heat management using advanced TES.

Technology Exchanges with other Countries

  • As one of the activities to build an international technology communication network, we have improved technological communication and information sharing with China, Vietnam, India, Korea, etc. in order to conduct popularizing activities for heat pumps and thermal storage systems.