Public Awareness

Japan is striving to popularize economical, energy-saving and environmentally friendly heat pumps and thermal storage systems.

Public Relations

  • We’ve created tools and pamphlets and magazine to gain people’s understanding about heat pump and thermal storage system technology, and what the significant benefits of the system are. (It cuts down on power usage during the day and saves energy; it’s also environmental friendly and cost effective.) In addition, we hold exhibits connected with the system at many different events.
  • In cooperation with similar industries and government agencies, we’ve started a “Thermal Storage Month” a period during which we encourage one to make a better understanding of thermal storage system technology.
  • We publish well-organized , informative content thorough our website to provide the latest information on heat pump and thermal storage system technology.
  • We publish “COOL & HOT” a periodical on thermal storage technology once a year to promote knowledge of thermal storage systems.

Promotion Activities

  • A series of seminars and training workshops will be held throughout the nations, in cooperation with related industries and other groups as a part of the Power Load Leveling Strategy Promotional Events. They will encourage a better understanding of energy-saving, economical and environmentally friendly heat pumps and thermal storage systems, as well as power conservation systems, in order to promote the application of these systems.
  • By holding Workshops for Thermal Storage System Designers on topics such as 'Thoughts on Technical Education and Training', 'Contributing to Energy Conservation and Measures Against Global Warming', and 'International Collaboration', we invite discussions and recommendations on how to widen the use of heat pumps and thermal storage systems.
  • We certify devices using the Eco-Ice Green Label System, such as air conditioning systems using ice storage, which have performances that exceed certain standards, to encourage their wider use.

Technical Support

  • We provide Technical Standards Manuals and Design Support Programs for designers, builders and operators.
  • We hold course-specific Thermal Storage Technology Training Workshops that use the Thermal Storage Manuals and other materials.
  • We hold workshops on specific topics dealing with heat pumps and thermal storage systems so that technicians and those involved in operation & maintenance can be familiarized with these concepts, and that cooperation among builders, designers, contractors and operation & maintenance staff be encouraged.