Events and Various Study Groups

Award for Demand-side Management Control

We award commendations to power load leveling equipment and systems, as a part of our activities to popularize educate about heat pumps and thermal storage systems for power load leveling.

Study Group for Heat Pump and Thermal Strage System

  • We have proposed that July be Thermal Storage Month, a period during which we encourage a better understanding of thermal storage systems through various activities.
  • Study Group for High-density Thermal Storage Heat Pump Systems
    Study Group for technology of development and the popularization of high-density thermal storage, such as ice thermal storage .
    Study Group for Heat Pump Application
    Study Group for all around research on heat pump technology and its applications.
    Study Group for Engine-driven Heat Pumps
    Study Group for highly efficient engine-driven heat pump systems. 
    Study Group for low-temperature waste heat utilization equipment
    Study Group for various technologies related with low-temperature waste heat utilization equipment.
    Study Group for Heat Pumps with Next Generation Fluids
    Study Group for various next generation fluids and their application systems.
    Study Group for Utilization of Underground Thermal Energy and Heat Pump System
    Study Group for ground source heat pumps and underground thermal storage technology.

Collecting and sorting information on heat pumps and thermal storage systems

  • Investigation into heat pumps and thermal storage systems
    Investigating the status of popularization of heat pumps and thermal storage, and surveying good examples of their use.
  • Publication of informative magazine
    Introducing international communication via the quarterly publication of the IEA newsletters Japan Edition.