As the operation entrusted by NEDO (New Energy & Industrial Technology Development Organization), the contractor with IEA (International Energy Agency), we participate in the international joint research and development on heat pumps under the framework of the IEA Technology Collaboration Programme.

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Ongoing Annexes
  • Annex46 Domestic Hot Water Heat Pumps
  • Annex48 Industrial Heat Pumps, Second Phase
  • Annex54 Heat pump systems with low GWP refrigerants
  • Annex58 High-Temperature Heat pumps
Recently completed Annexes
  • Annex41 Cold Climate Heat Pumps (Improving low ambient temperature performance of Air-Source Heat Pumps)
  • Annex40 Heat pump concepts for Nearly Zero Energy Buildings
  • Annex39 A common method for testing and rating of residential HP and AC annual/seasonal performance
  • Annex35 Application of Industrial Heat Pumps