Annex 30

The general objective of Annex 30 is to identify and enable the potential for the implementation of thermal energy storage as a cross-sectoral technology. This will involve improving energy efficiency and process integration, increasing system flexibility as well as expanding utilization of renewable heating and cooling resources.
Ultimately, Annex 30 will create a methodology for characterization and evaluation of thermal energy storage systems. This comprehensive approach will be focused on 4 sectors: industry, power plant applications, non-residential buildings and transport. The methodology will be applied to various case studies originating from demonstration projects where thermal energy storage systems are applied in a real environment. Industrial involvement is critical to this annex and the crucial goal of harmonizing research and industrial needs will be endeavoured.
Annex 30 has been broken down into three phases: definition, methodology and application. The work will begin with the identification of the storage requirements for thermal energy storage systems in the aforementioned sectors, followed by the development of the characterization and evaluation methodology. The third phase applies the methodology to various case studies commonly implemented within industry and then uses industrial feedback to further refine the methodology.
For more detailed information, please refer to the full work program.